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Hi! I'm Robyn
I have been practicing and training in earth-honouring spirituality for 25+ years, with a particular focus on animism, nature and ancestral connection, heart-based awareness, and spiritual development. As an English person living in Canada, I follow the path of Gaelic Polytheism in the way of my ancestors. My teachings focus on empowerment through spiritual development, nature connection, and Gaelic/Celtic spiritual traditions. Can't wait to join you in circle!

Robyn comes to the Den on a monthly basis offering a variety of different events.  

Spring 2022 She will be offering a 6 month

In-depth program for hands-on initiation into Insular Celtic Animism in Midland, Ontario.  Message for more details

Here are the links for the 6 month Program

Facebook Group-

Website-Enter the Otherworld | Sacred Earth Grove


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.