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Black Moon Paranormal Society

Paranormal Investigation Workshop at Mega Mindful Living!
Wed June 15th


Does your home, just don’t feel like your home? Something feels off ? Maybe the history of your home is very in depth ? Is something going bump in the night? Are you wanting a deeper understanding of what may be going on?

Maybe you just want to speak with someone who won’t look at you like your crazy.

For these consultations, Our team would be happy to listen and offer advice as needed with NO COST.  With the variety of modalities that each of our team members are experienced in from ones that may be able to tap into what is going on through spirit connection or scientific explanation of high EMFs Etc This is a understanding and advice NOT a spiritual reading session or professional advice We offer our knowledge in the unexplained phenomena, by attempting to collect evidence to support a logic reason or the existence of paranormal activity. We will share our knowledge and use variety of electronic devices, including EMF meters, digital thermometers, as well as digital audio recorders. When getting more of a understanding of your surroundings while at times put you more at ease about the unexplained events


Black moon is a group of 5 like minded individuals that are fascinated investigating the paranormal together as often as possible.  

The Team consists of Crystal, her best friend Tammy, Co-worker Lynda, daughter Angel and founder & Psychic Mediums of the Den Vanessa and Jackie. 


​This is a passionate hobby that has connected the 5 of us, from understanding our curiosities and giving others a deeper understanding of what they may be going through. 

Do you have a possible haunting? Unexplained events? or maybe you have a commercial space that has that scary rumour around town that its haunted and you like to have this made clear that it is not? Contact us! One of us would gladly talk to you about things that can be done or what we could do for you .  Contact link is below

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Let’s Work Together, Are you wanting answers to your own experiences in your home? 

Get in touch so we can start working together.

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