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Hello Beautiful Souls!

My name is Lisa and I have always been interested in Angels, Spirituality and Parapsychology. As a child, I had many experiences with connections to The Other Side. As I grew, I became even more of an empath and a healer. I have been practicing Tarot for a couple years now, taking many courses and workshops. I also consistently take courses in divination including Gypsy Witch, Oracle, Lenormand, Kipper and pendulum, Reiki, etc. My goal is to take my passion in all of the above and work full time, helping guide other souls so they can achieve success and life fulfillment. I have organized a group "Georgian Shores Paranormal" and cannot wait to see where this leads me next!

I am at the Den on Tuesday's offering many discounts on my readings and spirit guided homemade items! Come by and say Hi!

Blessings to you all.

-Georgian Shores Paranormal-

Services I offer; Psychic Home parties, Intuitive Readings,

Reiki Session & Paranormal Investigations

Contact Lisa directly for booking or any other inquiries, click below

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