Mindful Artist

No Experiance required

Crystal Grids 

Learn how to create your own Crystal Grids. This fun, informative class covers all the basics. You will be leaving with your own hand drawn grid and a Crystal Collection for Abundance of Health and Wealth or an intention of your choosing, happy to customize. Bring paper and pen to take notes, we are covering a lot of detail. Price: $40


Affirmation Pots & Zen Gardens

Did you know you can cleanse your crystals with a living plant? With several different style of containers to choose from you than intuitively choose several different items from the Shop to add to your creation. We discuss the significance of each step, what each item may represent as well different Affirmations. This Workshop includes a Guided Meditation. Price: $40

Wiring Crystals 101

We start with an Obsidian Arrowhead to ease into the session, followed by 2 crystals, intuitively chosen by you from the Shop. Step by step I'll guide you through it, then we unwind with a brief Meditation. Price: $40

Mindfulness Painting

Relax with the Mindfulness of Painting. Several different options here to choose from. I'll guide you step by step onto your choice of canvas, 2 wine glasses or a collection of river stones. While the paint dries, relax further in a guided meditation, followed by light refreshments. Price: $40

To book or inquire on a workshop, email thedenmidland@outlook.com and put the Workshop in headline

Malas & Mediumship

Make a 108 Beaded Mala Necklace. While choosing amongst a beautiful selection of wood, crystal and lava beads and charms. We learn about the basics of the Mala, all while putting your own intention into your unique piece, then have a mediumship moment to receive a message from the spiritual realm

3 hour workshop includes light refreshment.


Malas $80

(2) Bracelets $50

Minimal group is 4

Smudging 101

Make your own Floral & Herb Smudge Stick. Learn all about Smudging while choosing from a variety of herbs and florals to make your own. Price: $40