$40 for 30 Mins

$75 for a hour

Tarot & Oracles


Mediumship Moments

$75 a hour

Nothing will take the pain of losing a loved one, but by bringing through messages can give clarity, a connection, and offer a sense of comfort that we may continue to communicate with loved ones on the other side ❤️

In person and or online

In Person and or online

The use of Tarots & Oracles have been used for centuries as a divination tool, using them to access the realm.  With these readings you will guide you with what is prominent within your life right now and show you possible pathways into the future

Crystal Ball

In Person and or online

Crystal Ball readings are a form of scrying, the crystal ball allows the reader to see imagery that in turn she interprets these symbolic signs to a message that gives you understanding of your current situation

$40 for 30 mins

$75 a hour


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