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Attune 4 Wellness, Melissa



What is a Sound Bath?

Sitting or lying comfortably while sacred instruments are playing, your mind and body are bathed in healing frequencies.


Sound, Rhythm and vibration facilities balance and restoration at the cellular level and gently slow down the brain wave activity, Facilitating a theta, meditative state of mind

Melissa is local to the Midland Area and offer's Sound Bath's at various locations, available for private event's 

You can find her on Instagram attune4wellness or directly through the Gathering Room 

Scheduled Program's Listed below


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Sacred Sound Bath's with Attune 4 Wellness
Scheduled Program's


Sun March 26th 1:00pm at the Gathering Room

💫 RELAX, RESTORE, REJUVENATE 🌀 (1) | Den’s Gathering Room (

Wed April 26th 6:30pm private location, which will be given after registration

Sacred Sound Bath, Root Chakra | Den’s Gathering Room (


Starting Wed April 26th 2023, Root Chakra


Join together in a journey starting as the flowers are pushing through the soil to when the leaves are turning colours. We will be guided through a meditation to clear the mind and get each of us centered. and then lead through sounds from the chosen sacred instruments that are played in various frequencies to awaken and align the chakra that we are focusing on while embracing mother nature’s healing.

  • Will be held on the last Wednesday of the month

  • Duration approx 1 hour 30 mins

  • Will be held at the Gathering Room, when we can not utilize a outdoor facility.  The outdoor locations will vary each month (pending weather)

  • Like to know how to get one of these evenings for FREE? Do you have a serene space that you can offer to host? Message me

  • Cost will vary, pay additional months to receive discount, starting at $35 per person per evening

  • Payment to be received by etransfer to Gathering Room

  • Below is each registration link, if Interested in paying 3 month or the full 7 month series, you will receive a discount, for this please contact Vanessa at the Gathering Room directly


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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