Mystical Workshops

Stepping into the Mystical

Great for individuals that are showing interest in learning whats beyond this psychical world, and what our capabilities are!

So are you interested in learning about that little voice in your head? Or those shapes you see in the corner of your eye ?

This workshop is approx 2.5 hour workshop that cover many curious topics from Mediation, to trusting and learning how to listing to your intuition more closely, Auras and interactive psychic exercises.

You will go home with your own little booklet that contains resources of topics

Cost On-site $40 minimal of 2

** This workshop is a hit at home & corporate parties

Connecting with your Angels

Ever wonder if those little feelings or hunches may be the whisper of a angel? Have you ever found a feather or a penny in your path and wondered to yourself if this is a message?
In this workshop, We will discuss different topics or signs of Angels.  A mediation approx 20 mins long on that will guide you to meet one or all of your Angel team
You will receive a small gift to go home with 

Cost On-site $40 

Accessing Past Lives

In this workshop, we will talk about Past Life Regression and how accessing your past lives is beneficial ❤️
There will be a 30 min meditation, which will give you a preview of what past life regressions are like and will direct you to how to go further with a past life regression therapist ❤️

You will go home with resources and a crystal that assists in your journey

Cost Onsite $40

Intro to Emotion Code

This is a technique developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson, working with your meridian's, magnetic healing and muscle testing to assist on riding of emotional baggage.  Interested in learning how to learn to find those hidden emotions that cause ailments, illnesses or repetitive behaviors in your life?
This will be a 2 hour workshop opening with a mediation ❤️

You will go home with resources

Cost On-site $40

We have many more workshops , Intro to Card Reading, Divinations, Auras, Scying, Mediumship & Psychic Developement Circles

To book  or inquire a workshop email and put the workshop in headline