Mediumship Moments

Fraser's availability in 2021


Evening with Spirit Group $40

Wed Aug 4 7:00-9:00pm


1-1 Mediumship Sessions $75 a hour

Tuesday 1pm to 5pm

July 6, 20 /Aug 17 & 31


*He is available other days upon request for a minimal of 3 guests

Fraser is also available for Home Psychic Parties, contact for pricing & details

Fraser is a Psychic Medium, Reiki Practitioner that embraces his Empathic side to  guide him for multitude of healing. 

He is able to hold a loving unconditional space for even the deepest feelings to be felt from this life and past ones. then when he works with his psychic mediumship skills, this allows him to be able to bring messages through from those in spirit that want to come through and to connect to specific people to bring messages and answers through.

He can also access Akashic Records which gives him the ability to provide specific questions that allow for important truths to be revealed which allow for releasing false beliefs and shifts for deep healing.

Fraser is committed to providing the best environment for the healing that will help the most in the moment.

Interested in booking a session with Fraser or have any further questions -click below