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Witchy Tarot.jpg

Witch's Cauldron

START YOUR TAROT JOURNEY WITH EASE - This beginner tarot deck is perfect for those just starting out! Upright and reversed meanings of each tarot card are printed right on the card, so you can easily learn and grow your tarot skills.

A DECK FOR ALL LEVELS - Whether you're a beginner or an experienced tarot reader, this deck has something for everyone. With keywords, chakra symbols, planets, affiliations, and zodiacs, you'll have everything you need to give accurate readings

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Rider Waite Tarot

78 Tarot Cards with English Instruction Booklet & Velvet Pouch Bag Classic Tarot Deck,Full Version Commemorative Edition Tarot Cards for Beginners and Expert

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Dowsing Rods 100% Hand made 

(1 imported bonus pendulum included - Size =7/8 inchesx5/8 inches)​

  • Instructions, links to video sources and a printed board to use the pendulum

  • Easy swing, Copper handles (4.5 inch or 11.5cm) and solid copper rods (12 inch or 30cm) - Best dowsing rods are made of copper as copper is the second conductive metal making it very sensitive

  • Includes a gift Bag - Makes a great gift and nice protection to your set

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Cup of Destiny Kit

Now you can learn the art of reading tea leaves - or coffee grounds - with this beautifully designed facsimile of an Edwardian fortune telling cup and saucer. Reading tea leaves is a traditional divinatory method, and now The Cup of Destiny reveals the secrets of this ancient method, allowing you to make predictions for yourself and your friends

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​Elder Futhark Obsidian Runes

  • Materials: Runes made from Natural Obsidian.

  • Runes include: 25pcs bright black square rune , including 24pcs gold lettering and one blank.

  • 3 Inch Handmade Wooden Storage Box,Retro style with a mysterious feel.

  • The pendant is made of obsidian stone, which could also be an amulet since obsidian is a stone of protection.

  • Package include: 25pcs Runes +a Obsidian Pendant+ Wooden Storage Box

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Great Notebooks, Journals & Datebooks 
Trusting the Universe.jpg

Trusting the Universe

This journal will guide through 2 full moon phases,

leading you to all that you desire,

this is the time of manifestation!!

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My CHoas.jpg

My Chaos 

A Journal  to help you through those chaotic days, and attempting any organization 

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Dream Journal.jpg

Dream Journal

This notebook is a great way to log your sleep patterns and dream world

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WTF is my password?

A great little book to store all your passwords and password changes

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Halloween Edition datebook

This undated appointment book, is great for those spooky halloween lovers!

It is a 28 week booklet, reminding daily

that everyday is halloween.. Stay Spooky!

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Notes of Spooky.jpg

A Journal of My Spooky Adventure's

This great little notebook is great, for recording all your spooky adventures

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