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Sending Smiles


This is a sample picture, each bracelet is unique

Did you know that psychologist say giving gifts can improve our mental health? It has been proven that if you give without expectation of receiving anything in return, your mental health will improve and you will feel good.  This is the concept behind “Paying it forward”.

As you know mental health issues are at their highest right now. We have and continue to deal with all different forms of trauma.  This has prompted me to start a program. A program where you can send a gift to someone who may just need to be reminded how special they really are. 

My hope is that this program will help spread smiles. Even though a smile is just a very small moment in time, it may be a very important moment to someone. It may be the key to help them remember the happiness they still hold inside.

I have made healing crystal bracelets.  I will mail these bracelets out to anyone of your choosing with a note saying “_______ wants to remind you, you are the reason they smile” Or if you choose to remain anonymous the note will simply state “Someone wants to remind you, you are the reason they smile”


Each bracelet with note and shipping is $15.00.

To order a bracelet contact me directly or through the website:


Thank you for supporting small business


Like to add a extra bracelet or gift of tarot for a small additional cost?

*All fees are in CAD

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When purchasing, please send a email, with your name plus the name & address of where you like the parcel sent to with instruction's if you like to keep anonymous

The Den's Story

The Den was founded in 2018.   This space is dedicated to allowing people to express themselves freely and openly and to share their individual gifts. We host a variety of different workshops, Counseling and Healing Sessions. The founder's goal while on her own personal journey is to create an environment for others to have the opportunity that she has been blessed with to share, learn and grow in a safe non-judgmental space with easily accessible resources. 




I couldn't travel to family this Christmas, So I decided to do a little extra secret gift to my grandchildren.  They loved it!!! They continue to talk about it weeks after!



I have family & friends all over the globe.  Love the idea, of doing a random act of kindness a reminder  to them, they are always on my mind no matter the distance.  



Have a friend that is really not coping well with all the uncertainty in the world right now.  even if it was for minutes, I am happy I was able to put a smile on her face.

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